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Subject:Books 101-120
Time:01:04 am
... because I haven't been updating this log for a while.

101. Tom Harper The Mosaic of Shadows

15.08.2007 – 21.08.2007. A mystery about Byzantium and Crusaders. Can’t say I know enough about this period to spot inaccuracies, but this is a pleasant enough read. Not depressing; lots of historical mysteries depress me for some reason.

102. Barry Maitland The Malcontenta

21.08.2007 – 25.08.2007. An okay mystery, but I do not much like stories where the police detective is obstructed by the higher-ups; they don’t give me what I like in mysteries, a sense of order.

103. Ann Benson Thief of Souls

25.08.2007 – 26.08.2007. I am rather suspicious about historical mysteries – I like them in theory but often not in practice. This wasn’t so bad, however — two storylines, one about Gilles de Rais and the other about modern kidnappings. Too loosely connected, though, for my taste.

104. Astrid Lindgren Madicken / Seacrow Island

26.08.2007 – 27.08.2007. A couple of children’s books about life in Sweden; I usually am not much on reading children’s books, but those were nice.

105. Jostein Gaarder The Orange Girl

27.08.2007. A story of a teenager who gets a letter from his long-dead father; not my usual fare but a good story, quite… mood-setting.

106. Batya Gur The Saturday Morning Murder

27.08.2007. A mystery by an Israeli author about a murder among psychoanalysts; I liked it better than the other Gur I’ve read, it felt less gloomy.

107. Roger Zelazny This Immortal

Finished 27.08.2007; forgot when I started. It was a reread; I just had a fancy to reread this book, my favourite Zelazny. Sometimes I wish there were fanfics for it.

108. Elizabeth Gaskell Wives and Daughters

25.05.2007 – 27.08.2007. At one moment I put this book aside; I was a bit over the middle and was worried about possible unpleasantness awaiting Molly; I am a fussy reader like this, which is why I rarely read family sagas – they thrive on unpleasant situations. But then I picked it up again and finished in one night, I was so engrossed with what was going on.

109. Nevil Shute The Checkered Board

28.09.2007. Reread. I still love Shute; his books are very calming for me.

110. Johanna Chmielewska On the Other Side of the Barrier

27.08.2007 – 29.08.2007. I’m in two minds about this book; it’s fun reading like her others, but the premise, with the heroine moving between identical lives in 19th and 20th centuries, is a bit too absurd, and also the author’s views on women and relationships are a bit too evident and unpleasant here.

111. P. D. James The Lighthouse

30.08.2007 – 31.08.2007. Another Adam Dalgliesh mystery; I enjoy them very much. And I hope this one will put an end on Kate’s crush on AD which is the only developing storyline which I do not enjoy.

112. Samuel Schoenbaum William Shakespeare

30.08.2007 – 03.09.2007. Nice book, very fact-based. I am very wary of fanciful biographies.

113. Neil Gaiman Stardust

04.09.2007. Good thing I left reading this until after I saw the film; the book is much better. It’s more harmonious, and the characters make more sense.

114. Dorothy L. Sayers The Maker of the Building

30.08.2007 – 05.09.2007. A collection of Sayers’s religious writings including her plays about Christ. I liked the plays a lot but regretted there weren’t more of her articles included.

115. Aron Gurevich The Culture of Medieval Europe

04.09.2007 – 06.09.2007. Two of Gurevich’s studies of medieval folk culture in one volume. Very interesting and thought-provoking.

116. Banana Yoshimoto Kitchen

06.09.2007. A short novel about a girl who is learning to live after losing people dear to her, and the way kitchens and cooking are important to her relationships with people. I liked the descriptions and the mood.

117. Paul Murray Kendall Richard III

06.02.2007 – 07.09.2007. I had a long interval in reading this book which does not really mean that it is boring. I liked it for the author’s evenhanded approach to the topic, and it’s quite readable too.

118. Lyudmilla Ulitskaya Daniel Stein, translator

07.09.2007. A curious book about Jews, Christianity and Israel. The main character is apparently based on a real person, Brother Daniel Rufeisen, a Polish Jew who survived WWII, became a Catholic monk and moved to Israel. Interesting story, but I think I would’ve preferred a real biography, not this semi-fictionalized one.

119. Charles De Lint The Onion Girl

08.09.2007 – 10.09.2007. I did not like the last De Lint I tried, a straight fantasy, but I am glad I read this one; it seems that urban fantasy is where his characters feel really alive.

120. Charles De Lint Memory and Dream

10.09.2007 – 13.09.2007. Another Newford book, and I like it even more than the previous one — magic was a bit too casually accepted there, but here all the elements from thriller to fantasy are well blended into each other.
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Time:2007-09-23 07:41 am (UTC)
Is there any other author you'd compare De Lint to? I'm trying to figure out whether to give him a try or not, and I'd love to have some idea what his style is like.
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Books 101-120 - I don't need anything except more space for books
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