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Books 121-140 - I don't need anything except more space for books
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Subject:Books 121-140
Time:03:58 am
121. Charles De Lint Dreams Underfoot

13.09.2007 – 14.09.2007. A collection of stories about Newford; I’m not much for short stories but I liked these.

122. Charles De Lint Moonheart

17.09.2007 – 22.09.2007. Non-Newford book, and I liked it rather a bit less than the Newford ones. It all felt a bit… predictable, maybe.

123. Charles De Lint Jack of Kinrowan

22.09.2007 – 26.09.2007. Two short novels in one book; liked it more than Moonheart but still I think Memory and Dream is my favourite for now. Interesting characters, though.

124. Ioanna Chmielewska Old Bat

13.10.2007 – 14.10.2007. Another volume of her autobiography. I still like her storytelling, but with years this becomes less about people and more on her ways about how people should be.

125. Lauren Henderson Strawberry Tattoo

17.10.2007 – 18.10.2007. A mystery where the amateur detective is a woman sculptor in New York. Interesting setup, all very hip.

126. Ioanna Chmielewska The Firestarter

21.10.2007 – 22.10.2007. I think this is much better than her last novels; almost as fun as her earlier ones. Many friendships and funny goings-on and curious people getting into things.

127. Patricia Wenthworth The Case of William Smith

18.10.2007 – 22.10.2007. I think it’s a reread, and the translation’s quite bad, but I like Miss Silver and also plots dealing with amnesia.

128. Robert Van Gulik The Chinese Maze Murders

22.10.2007 – 23.10.2007.

129. Robert Van Gulik A Monastery with

130. Robert Van Gulik Chinese Gold Murders

131. Robert Van Gulik Four Fingers and other novels

31.10.2007 – 01.11.2007. I think I was in the mood for Van Gulik (I still am but can’t find more at home). Most of those are well-forgotten rereads.

132. Charlaine Harris Real Murders

30.10.2007 – 03.11.2007. I rather liked this story and thought the connection to historical murders is a neat idea, but I was not convinced by the murderer’s motivation and also felt it’s a bit too disturbing for a cozy mystery.

133. Charlaine Harris Shakespeare’s Landlord

04.11.2007. Now I liked that one much better than the first Teagarden book (which was evident by the reading speed). Not sure why; maybe I just like Lily Bard better than Aurora Teagarden.

134. Charlaine Harris Shakespeare’s Champion

04.11.2007. Another Lily Bard book, with even more complications in Lily’s life and in her town. I like that even the romantic storyline doesn’t develop in expected ways; and I think I like Jack, though I’m not sure how it will go. And the plot is scary by the ordinariness of the men doing all that.

135. Charlaine Harris Shakespeare’s Christmas

05.11.2007. In this book Lily has to go back home for her sister’s wedding, and Jack looks for a child kidnapped eight years ago. Each time the mysteries in this series make me truly anxious to find out the end.

136. Charlaine Harris Shakespeare’s Trollop

05.11.2007. Two things that made that book interesting was the choice of a victim — a recurring character in all three previous books so I felt I knew her — and the solution which involved the events of the past books.

137. Charlaine Harris Shakespeare’s Counselor

06.11.2007. I think I liked this one least of all. The setup with Lily and the therapy group and her new job was interesting, but the ending was unsatisfying and didn’t give me the sense of resolution.

138. Charles De Lint Someplace to Be Flying

24.10.2007 – 08.11.2007. A cool story but I found it sadder than most of the previous ones — maybe because of Rory. I think the puzzle about the missing twin was my favourite part of this book.

139. Jostein Gaarder Sophie’s World

09.11.2007 – 12.11.2007. An interesting idea, to write a novel about the history of philosophy, but I’m not so sure about execution. Bits of it, especially in the beginning, are too didactic even though eventually many philosophic moments make a difference for the plot.

140. Eleanor Arnason The Ring of Swords

13.11.2007 – 15.11.2007. Reread, and still as satisfying as before. I like both the culture described and the characters and their relationships.
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Books 121-140 - I don't need anything except more space for books
View:Recent Entries.